According to those who developed FujiCoin, it is a cryptocurrency that is of the latest generation. FujiCoin is unique because of its speed, easy to use and also security. That is why it is distinguished compared to other cryptocurrencies that are already established. Read to understand the properties of FujiCoin that makes it outstanding.

FujiCoin has several special features. Speed is one of the features of FujiCoin that is essential. When it comes to the transaction verification, FujiCoin cannot be compared to Bitcoin since it is ten times more than Bitcoin hence its efficiency. Because of such speed it is useful in instances where time factor is critical to the transaction.

Low cost is also a characteristic of cryptocurrency. It makes it good to be used in micro transactions because of the low cost transaction. The network that is used is a peer to peer network and such use of network makes sure that the cryptocurrency is decentralized and there is exclusion of third party involvement. The third can be governments or central banks which could control the cryptocurrency. When it comes to the capacity of FujiCoin it is great and even ten times that of Bitcoin.

That is why there is no need of hard work for increasing the capacity of the cryptocurrency. All the transactions involved are secured using an encryption procedure which is innovative ensuring that every transaction is secure. Such security is essential because it ensures that the possibilities of hacking and attacks are minimized hence the entire blockchain is save. It is also useful for the backing up of deposits of users hence FujiCoin is a save and secured cryptocurrency. The good thing with this cryptocurrency is the ability of users to execute transactions from any part of the world. They will do this without having to worry of divergent costs.

Mining FujiCoin

The mining of FujiCoin involves the use of principle of proof-of-work. An algorithm known as Scrypt is used and it is also used in applications known as Altcoins. The time defined is one minute and this enables miners to complete a new block after every one minute. The difficulty of mining the FujiCoin is always on a level that is fair because it adapts after each block dynamically to the network computing power. So that you can benefit from the mining of this token, the developers recommend that you use a graphics card that is powerful and that is why the page for developers provides AMD and NVidia graphics cards. Such a move makes the development of the blockchain to accelerate and it is also increasingly accepted in the cryptocurrency community.

Market capitalization

The FujiCoin has been used officially since June 2014 at the cryptocurrency traders and the symbol used for the FujiCoin since then is FJC. On the first day of trading, the price for each token was $0.000007 and this resulted to the $2,240 market capitalization. It breakthrough came on May 2017 where it reached peak of $2.942 million. Currently the cryptocurrency is at $1.7million whereby the price for every toke is $0.003032.

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