The wonderful thing about having pet insurance in Australia is that you can bring your animal to any vet throughout the country and your insurance will cover you for that. It’s perfect for people who like to take their pets with them on vacation and don’t have the heart to leave them at home or at a strange kennel that they don’t know. However, when you go to a vet that isn’t from your home town, then he or she hasn’t treated your dog or cat before and so doesn’t know about their moods and past medical history.

Taking your animal to the local vet offers up all kinds of advantages to the average pet owner and people always tell you to buy local, so why not stick with your local vet. They are just as qualified as all the other vets around Australia and you help to keep the business in the local area. This will have a knock-on effect and all other businesses will benefit from this cash injection into the community. The best pet insurance does allow you to visit other vets, but there are numerous advantages to sticking with your local one. Here are some of those advantages.

  1. Going to a local vet means that you get the personal touch. In bigger vets, your pet is just a number, but in the local vets, it has a name and is well known by all the staff. Your local vet makes more time for you and he or she doesn’t mind all the questions because they understand your concerns. Your local vet understands the importance of the people and their pets that live in is area and he understands that they are his bread and butter customers.
  2. Because your vet is local, then they are closer to your home and in the event of an emergency, this can be the difference between a life or death situation. You as the owner has less distance to travel and if you don’t have a car, some local vets will arrange transport so that you and your pet can come in. It’s called the personal touch and all local vets have it in abundance. For last minute cancellations, if you are close enough, you may get to see the vet at very short notice.
  3. Your local vet really gets to know your animal and when you bring your dog or cat in, they know about their past history and the issues that they treated before. This helps your local vet to diagnose quickly and get your pet the faster care that it needs. Once you learn to know and trust your vet, you get the peace of mind that you never had with other vets before. Your animal will also grow to trust your local vet and be more receptive to treatment.

It’s great having a local vet who you know and trust and who will pull out all the stops, no matter what, to make sure that your pet is on the mend quickly.