When it comes to the business world, there are many factors at the play in the success, or, indeed, failure, or your overall performance, many of them social. Indeed, “business” is a somewhat nebulous term, but it always involves two things, people and money, both of which together requiring trust. And, of course, trust is conferred in a couple ways, one of which requires time you won’t have with clients. What we’re left with is the power of the first impression, so let’s make it a great one to facilitate business deals. Here are some tips.

First and foremost, business means suits, so you need a great suit. When you think of a business suit, you often think of a black suit and tie and a white shirt. However, that’s the safe standard that’s “good enough” but lacks personality. When composing your own professional look, don’t be afraid to experiment, within reason. For example, the whole rainbow of colors may be off limits, but you have some room to play around with neutral colors like black, of course, brown, some darker blues, and grey. With shirts and ties, you’re afforded more freedom. Don’t be afraid to invest with Saks Off 5th for some classy dress clothes to add a dash of color to your ensemble. With ties, of course, you have almost total creative freedom. Wacky ties are a time honored tradition in otherwise serious professional settings, so go nuts with some truly odd ball patterns or stick to some tried and true patterns like paisley, checkers, or houndstooth.

Hygiene is, of course, of the utmost importance, as it always is in social situations, as well as health situations. Be sure to keep clean with fresh breath and make sure your face is clean shaven and your hair neatly coifed.

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