A blog with quality content is what is required by a good brand in the internet world. Maintaining an informative blog can be a daunting task; but this should be clearly understood that blogs are a valuable resource which can provide you with numerous leads.

It’s difficult to say how and where to start from; while writing a blog but we will certainly tell you some key points for upgrading your site’s performance through content.

Stick to the right content

Many good bloggers deviate from the topic on which they start writing and switch on to some other topic. This should be strictly avoided and focus should always be on what the topics says, and does it clearly educate the category it is meant for? So being wedded to the content is what a good blog demands.

Writing impressive content

Selecting a topic for a blog can be a tough decision. You can ease yourself out of this quandary by searching on Google as to which topic is most searched upon and then write something impressive about that topic which should be so eye catching that it does not allow the user to leave the screen till the end.

Use best quality image

Always try and use the best quality image for your blog as a good image leaves a good impression. Images relevant to your topic are also very important to be thought upon. Do not copy and paste images from any other blogs, this may lead to blacklisting by search engines.


Call to action is one of the key strategies of SEO singapore in digital marketing. This is a technique which has to be decided by the owner of the website as to what exactly he wants. Is the motive to encourage people to subscribe to the blogs, or you wanting the users to read more content of your blog. Think strategically and do the needful as per your goal.

 Use of statistical diagrams

Include a pie chart or a bar graph of how popular your blog is. This may include the demographic region or the number of visits to your blog. This leaves a very big impact on the reader, as he thinks that this is the most viewed article and will definitely impart knowledge as required.

There are other methods to make a blog more impressive but following the points given here can definitely generate more traffic and make you popular.

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