If you are interested in starting a business do not have to fear the lack of funds for venture capital. Source of funds is in many places. Just the right search, the internet is the beginning of a search worth trying.

There are many sources of credit funds and installment loans to be processed into small business capital. And as it is known, if starting a business from a small, consistent origin, it will be great. Previously, make sure to specify the type of business field. Calculate carefully, thoroughly and thoroughly, on the ratio of profit, loss, and risk of business assets.

Unsecured Credit

When you need business capital to start a business, avoid applying for personal loans from moneylenders. With high-interest rates, the risk of borrowing from these moneylenders is huge. You can get into debt if you can’t afford to pay off.

Savings or Personal Investment

Sources of funds in this way bother easy. In fact, it can be difficult for some people. We starts your own business, of course very common to use the fund’s deposits that you have a tube so far.

Looking for Corporate Grants

Apart from personal funds, capital can also be obtained from corporate grant funds, both public and private companies. Today, big companies usually have their own budgets to help build the people’s economy.

Funds as venture capital are generally channeled through Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Typically, technical disbursement of capital assistance funds is channeled in the form of a business competition event.

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing system here is temporary, not ownership. The profit-sharing system can be done monthly, or each project or it may be within a certain period of time depending on the contract period. At the end of the contract period, capital can be returned.

Establish cooperation

If your business really stuck in the funds, a cooperative can be applied. Establish business by inviting friends or relatives with similar interests to be invited to join. Business colleagues may only provide assistance in the form of capital, or it can also help the daily business operations.

Venture Capital

In general, by using capital from the venture, usually the business we run, in addition to getting support in the form of funds, will also get help in managing management and guidance to conduct business in the form of training.

Share Capital

In addition to the above, there are other ways to get business capital. One of them is mutual capital. Partnership in the form of cooperation is an alternative that can be a mediator between starting a business with own capital or loan capital.

In this way, the capital collected can be bigger and sufficient to open a business. You also do not need to pay interest on the loan. But instead, there is a share of profit with a joint venture, in accordance with the portion and composition of capital entered into the business.

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