There are a wide range of excellent reasons why millions of individuals and couples choose to stop renting their homes and finally get a home loan to put towards a property of their own. After all, there are very few things that are as satisfying as signing the contract and knowing that you now own a brand new property shared by no one beyond your family, with a lawn and everything else you love that cannot be offered by a flat. No matter if you plan to live in the middle of the biggest city you can afford or in a relatively unpopulated area, the choice to purchase a home rather than renting will always be the best long-term option.

No Renting

Although you must still make monthly repayments on a mortgage, the choice to purchase a home over buying one will always pay out because your monthly mortgage payments will eventually stop. So long as you lease a flat or home, you will never have an end in sight to the cost of your stay there, and many rental properties actually raise their rent with tenants who have stayed there for a certain period of time to protect the interests of the landlord. A mortgage is much more cost-effective than you may think at first glance, allowing you to own a home after a predetermined amount of time using monthly payments built within your unique budget.


Buying a home is a huge investment, and you can easily find out how to apply for home loans in Malaysia by contacting the right companies with your interests in mind. Loans allow you to purchase a home that would otherwise be very much beyond your budget, and the monthly repayments are much lower compared to renting in the long run. A mortgage payment will never go up for any reason, barring late fees, and may actually go down if you choose to refinance in the future.


Condominiums, apartment complexes, and even single-family homes for rent simply do not have the same security associated with owning a home altogether. There will always be another person, your landlord, who will have access to the property, and they may even enter your property when you are not home to perform maintenance and pest control. In addition, you never need to worry about having neighbours living literally just one wall beside, below, or above you at any time, allowing complete peace of mind.

More Space

For the same price of a flat, you can purchase a home large enough to truly accommodate your needs, such as a room for your child, a kitchen large enough to actually use efficiently, and much more. Mortgages may be set up to stretch for longer periods of time, pushing the monthly repayments lower and lower so you can focus on having more space for a more affordable cost. The result is having a home you love and enjoy for the price of a flat that is nowhere near the same size or quality.

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